How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

Our adoption fees vary depending on the age of the dog or cat and whether the pet needs heartworm treatment. All of our adoption fees include spay/neuter surgery for all pets over 6 months of age, DHLPP shots, rabies shots, and de-worming. The estimated cost for adopting a pet is $125.
How do I adopt a pet from you?

Please review our available pets for adoption at, or visit us at one of our adoption events. Once you are ready to adopt a new friend, we’ll ask you to complete our friendly screening process, which ensures safe and successful adoptions.  This will include an adoption application and interview by one of our staff or qualified volunteers. Next, we’ll visit your home to see the environment where the pet will live and answer any questions. This is a great opportunity for you to get valuable input on how to integrate your new pet into your home. Finally, we’ll ask that you sign an adoption contract, which promises that you’ll return the pet to us if there are any problems whatsoever. We’ll also ask that you submit proof of spay or neuter if the pet is adopted before s/he is old enough for the procedure.
May I adopt or foster a pet on a trial basis before I make a long-term commitment?

Yes. We want to ensure that you adopt the perfect pet for you and your family. If you are interested in fostering or adopting a particular pet and want to take the pet home for a few days first, please talk to us, and we’ll help make the proper arrangements.
If I am the first one to apply for a pet, will I get him or her?

Maybe. We are not a first-come, first served rescue. We try our very hardest to find the best match for our pets and our adopters. Being first doesn’t hurt, but it’s not a guarantee.  We commit to being as open and honest about the selection process as we can.
Do pets have to be spayed or neutered?

Absolutely! In fact, all pets over the age of 6 months will be spayed or neutered before they are adopted out. Puppies and kittens adopted under the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered by their adopter by a date agreed upon in the adoption contract (usually within 6 months). We take spaying/neutering very seriously, and follow up to make sure that all of our animals get spayed/neutered. Adopters should be aware that spay/neuter surgery comes at a cost, however, we have partnered with low cost clinics for your convenience.
What do I do if I cannot keep my pet?

If for any reason, you cannot keep your pet, please let us know as soon as possible so we can work to re-home your dog or cat. As part of the adoption contract, we require that you return an unwanted pet to us rather than bringing the animal to a shelter. As part of the adoption contract, we require that you return the pet to us rather than bringing it to a shelter.
What does it mean to foster a pet?

As a foster parent, you give a pet a temporary place to stay until we find a suitable permanent home. You also help the Sanctuary find your pet a forever home, including allowing prospective adopters to come over to meet your furry friend. To lend a helping hand, please read more about our foster program or contact us today!